Our company "IRS Group" specializes in the field of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning and covers the full range of services.

The object of our company's work is the maintenance, repair, construction of refrigeration and air conditioning units.

We can offer reliable, complete and economical proposals in any issue of cooling and air conditioning.

We seek to provide high quality services, with excellent quality materials and machines from reputable companies abroad.

We provide a wide range of products.  (See details here)

More specifically, we cover 2 main sectors:

  • Shipping
  • Industry

In more detail, the range of Services we offer is:

  • Studies on Cooling sectors | Air Conditioning | Ventilation
  • Installations on Refrigeration units | Air Conditioners | Ventilation
  • Maintenance in Refrigeration Units | Air Conditioning | Ventilation
  • Reconstructions of Refrigeration Equipment | Air Conditioning | Ventilation
  • Special applications in the Refrigeration sector | Air Conditioning | Ventilation
  • Antifungal controls by specialized technicians with modern equipment, as we apply refrigeration disinfection works with special preparations based on specifications approved by the EU.

In addition, our company prepares regular technical support contracts throughout Greece, aiming to ensure the customer the maximum operating time of refrigeration facilities at the lowest possible consumption.

We have the ability to respond immediately to any of your requirements and to be able to meet your needs whenever necessary, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We are ready to provide you the solution you need when you need it.

We can effectively deal with any Damage, Upgrade, New Installation, Replacement or Conversion of your refrigeration or air conditioning unit.

A workshop of our company is always available ...!


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation


Cooling | Air Conditioning | Ventilation

IRS Group

Our company "IRS Group" covers the full range of services regarding Cooling and Air Conditioning in the Shipping and Industry sectors.

The object of our company's work is the maintenance, repair, construction of refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Our Address

Palamidiou 22 & Aimou 2
Piraeus 18545

Phone: +30.2104617479

Mob.:  +30.6972016467

Fax:   +30.2104617479


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